Required Documentation

Each applicant, if he/she is over 18 years of age, must fill out an application with:

  1. Full legal name
  2. Date of birth
  3. Social security number
  4. Employment Verification
  5. Criminal Background Verification
  6. Rental History/Eviction Search

All information on the Application for Lease must be truthful and is confidential. A check for $31.00 must accompany each Application for Lease along with a copy of the applicant's Driver's License.  All individuals in any home, condo or apartment must be signed on the lease. All applications received on a property will be submitted for approval once all items are provided and in order to which they were received by the Property Manager.

Credit Score

We contract with CBC Innovis & AmRent to request a credit and background report. Applicants must generally have a 580 level credit score that coincides with a timely and positive payment history in all areas of credit. While the specific information will not be provided to the homeowner for approval, a homeowner has the option to require specific credit level requirements as long as they are disclosed to the applicant in advance. Further the homeowner has the option to approval a rental application even if the applicant does not meet the qualification guidelines of Prudential Preferred, REALTORS Property Management however is not required to do so.


Evidence of current and consistent work history and a sufficient paycheck for the rental period to include rental payments, utilities, transportation, food, clothing and all other on-time payments showing

that there is at least three times the income for the monthly rent payment. Every application must provide at least one of the following documents to verify employment and income:

  • Three most recent paystubs
  • New Hire Letter from Employer
  • Asset Statement - most recent

Any full-time student is allowed a Guarantor who must provide the necessary documents according to the standard application process. The full-time student must provide a copy of their most recent school schedule to confirm active student status. A homeowner does not have to permit rental to a student however if the income, background and credit qualification are met by all tenants residing in the home the applications can be submitted for approval despite student status.

Rental History and References

We like to see a good report from the previous two landlords. Here are the primary questions we ask:

  1. Would the past landlord rent to the tenant again?
  2. Was the rent paid on time? How many late payments?
  3. Has the past home or apartment been left in good and clean condition?
  4. Were there additional occupants in the home or apartment? 
  5. Were there pets in the home?
  6. What were the lease dates? 
  7. What was the amount of monthly rent? 
  8. Was a 30-day Notice to Quit given?  Were court proceedings ever started?
  9. Were there any noise/trash/lease violations? 

Proof of satisfactory rental history in the immediate past two years must be provided. If an applicant has any outstanding Landlord-Tenant judgments, evictions or small claims and/or account balances with any past landlord(s), the application will be denied.

Bankruptcy and Foreclosure

Applicants must show a positive current payment history, a satisfactory credit score, a minimum of 24 months elapsed from a Chapter 7 bankruptcy discharged, a minimum of 12 months elapsed from a Chapter 13 bankruptcy discharge, and generally 36 months elapsed on any foreclosure discharge.

Background and Criminal History

We contract with CBC Innovis & AmRent to request a credit and background report. All applications will be denied if they report any criminal record of convictions or records of felonies, assaults, controlled substance charges, break-ins, robberies, etc. Further any misdemeanor charges may also be denied. All homeowners have the right to accept any application despite the qualification guideline requirements detailed by Prudential Preferred, REALTORS Property Management.